How To Throw Baby Shower With Monkey Theme

by Grace Vitara

If you are looking for ideas for baby shower with lots of entertainment and potential for decoration, then the monkey theme is perfect. This theme also will particularly suitable for older people who do not know the sex of their baby. Monkey absolutely neutral, there are some items that you can choose to put together. There are plenty of good options in the store or online.

Monkey Baby Shower Table Decoration Ideas

You can ask for input from mothers to-be for the type of monkey theme that he wanted, quiet, bright, cartoon like Curious George, etc.. There are many different choices of many designs available. Maybe you can help the mother to narrow the choices.

Monkey Baby Shower Invitation Templates

Use color to monkey theme baby shower with nursery color or a special color for the baby’s gender. However, you are helping the scene for a baby shower, choose brown, yellow and green to make the stay on the theme.

Monkey Baby Shower Cake Decoration Ideas

Having a monkey themed invitations to remind guests with your theme. Some guests often want to give a gift or decoration based on the theme of the baby shower. There are many invitations to choose from, choose one that fits the color and decorations around.

Creative Monkey Baby Shower Cupcake

For decorations, use the palm trees or vines as decoration for a baby shower. Use brightly colored vase to match the color and placing palm leaves into it. Add raffia table skirts to have a perfect tropical monkey theme.

Adorable Monkey Baby Shower Candle Favors
Make your choice monkey cake for a baby shower. It is not too difficult to make and decorate their own home if you can find a monkey cake pan. You also can make a cupcake and give a monkeys icing on them. Presenting the monkey-themed food such as bananas, banana bread and tropical smoothie. Or using banana chocolate fountain to dip.

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