How To Planning Little Giraffe Baby Shower

by Grace Vitara

Baby shower is a good opportunity to show off your decorative skills. Then what is the best way to do it? Yeah, baby shower giraffe theme is perfect. Giraffes have a gender-neutral, so you do not need to know the baby’s gender. Follow some of these tips to have a perfect baby shower giraffe.
Having a sweet giraffe cartoon giraffe or a more elegant pattern. Send invitations to inform the guests about your party. This is an excellent opportunity to introduce your party colors and let them know if there is something they want to take, such as gifts, recipes or games.

Giraffe Baby Shower Invitation Templates

Giraffe patterns are very popular for decoration. You can easily find linen, candles and balloons according to your theme. It can form a giraffe or that contain the pattern. Be careful, do not overdo it with the pattern. You might want to use the giraffe patterned napkins, then choose a solid color tablecloth to go under. Buying a baby giraffe bag is great for mothers to-be and encourage guests to fill up with a blanket, or stuffed animal toy giraffe.

Pink Giraffe Baby Shower Decoration Ideas
Giraffe theme is very easy to continue desserts, including giraffe cupcake or cake and cookies. In fact, you can use a wrapper which each hold a giraffe print. Another serves dishes such as beans, lentil soup, bread, burger, brown rice, corn, chips and cheese. Make meals more colorful by using the giraffe patterned bowl. Paste the same color theme throughout the party so as not to overwhelm all of your guests.

Colorful Giraffe Baby Shower Cake Ideas
Make a baby shower party favors with giraffe print ribbon. You could wrap all the gifts in the bag. Have giraffe paper punches to create a mini that has the form of confetti to be placed in the bag. You can also use it to decorate a small box housing for your favors. Giraffe theme favors you can have just by adding a humorous label that you create yourself. A giraffe clip art can be found in the online with the image of a giraffe with an abstract design. Attach the sticker on the tin candy, seed packets, candles, candy jars or any with sufficient surface.

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