How To Make Baby Shower Banner With Photoshop ?

by Grace Vitara

When you are planning a baby shower for a relative or friend, one decorative item for parties and fun are banners This is a hope for the guest of honor and all the best for the future. If you want to make a baby shower banner for your party, some of the things you’ll need is a good program and some clip art graphics.

Baby Shower Banner Ideas

Download “baby” imagery such as storks, babies, cribs and rattles, downloaded from the website free clip art. Open the photo editing application and create a new document. Adjust the height of 12 inches and a width of 16 inches. Make a resolution of 300 pixels / inch, this will make a very big fie.

Free Printable Baby Shower Banner

Change the background and foreground colors on the toolbar for the two you want to use in a banner, it can be blue and pink would be appropriate. Then select the gradient and drag it to the banner.

Lion King Baby Shower Banner
Next, open the clip art image that you downloaded. Select “image” and click “image size.” In the dialog box open, make sure that you select “Bocubic Smoother” and increase the resolution to 300. If you are going to make use of clip art that came with the background color, you can use the “Magic Wand” tool to select and delete. Then select “Selection” and click on “Inverse”. Select “Edit” and “Copy”, then back to the banner image and “paste clip art using the” move “in a position where you like.

Owl Baby Shower Banner Design

Yellow And Grey Baby Shower Banner

Choose “Text” and type your message on the banner. Choose a nice font, you can use the Edwardian Script. You can also increase the font to be 300 or 400, it depends on what you want on the banner.
Save your work as a PSD file, save your file as a high resolution JPEG and burn to CD. Finally, Print your banner on the printer.

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