How To Decorate Baby Shower Chair

by Grace Vitara

Baby shower chair decorations can be a fun gift and party decorations. Small baby items will take home mother to-be after the baby shower can be added to a part of the decoration chair. Basic materials separately decorate inexpensive baby shower seat depends on the main cost will be baby items you select. You can decorate not only one seat for a baby shower, make one for the guest of honor and others. For example, for the grandmother to-be or other special guests. Here are some steps to create a seat for the baby shower.

Floral Pink Baby Shower Chair Ideas
Choose fabric and decorative ribbon that matches the color theme of the baby shower If a baby shower for boys, you can consider blue flannel cloth, while for girls expected, you can choose the red satin. And if the gender of the baby has not been determined, you can choose a neutral fabric, such as yellow or green tulle. Consider a ribbon that has a baby theme or decorative pattern printed thereon.
Blue Baby Shower Chair Decoration For Boys
Furthermore, pieces of cloth so as to cover the seat and the back seat. To determine how much you will need a piece of fabric for each seat, cloth hanging over a chair and mark where you want to cut with a marker. Cut one piece of fabric and use as a template for the remaining chair covers. To create a dramatic look, pieces of cloth to cover the leg of a chair and hang fabric on a chair.

Baby Shower Chair Decoration For Mother To-BeCut decorative ribbon to wrap around the back of the chair and tie it in a knot. Node that you form must be positioned in the back seat and facing out. Put tape on each seat, such as a large dot, a stuffed animal or toy. Wrap the ribbon and tie in a knot or bow to secure in place.

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