Hot Ideas For Baby Shower Party Favors

by Grace Vitara

A favor for a baby shower party will add another dimension to the celebration shower. Some will come with the theme of the party and others will only be items that are eclectic and fun that acts as a souvenir on the big day. Some idea of ​​the baby shower party favors that have a lot of people have tried and proved very popular include:

Candle Baby Shower Party Favors Scented candles. You can decorate a pink or blue circles and ribbon will make a great help. To get a unique item, do not hesitate to glue them on a miniature bottle baby, teddy bears, pacifiers or rattles that matches the theme color.
A Winnie the Pooh baby shower will also be very enjoyable. Pooh honey pot with cloth or ribbon box will tie in with your color theme. A rabbit with carrot would be very large, because they grow throughout the spring. Bath soap to soak weary bones will be the perfect baby shower favors. Tiger loves to get up and into something with a lot of water, add a slinky and some kind of bouncy balls or anything along the line.

Message in a bottle Baby Shower Party Favors ideas Edibles will work very well for your party. You could use a bit of luxury with chocolate truffles in a miniature box, wrapped in pretty nets tied bows and tulle bag. An idea of ​​microwave popcorn box saying “He would pop” or gourmet coffee and add a note “A baby is brewing!” will also be a fun baby shower favors.

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