FREE Printable Pumpkin Baby Shower Invitation Templates

by b3dj0

Do you like pumpkin? Many people love it. How about transforming the image of pumpkin on the baby shower invitations? If you are unhappy with the 5×7 inch sizes of Free Pumpkin Baby Birthday Invitations, you can still manage its quantity with the use of an image editor. It is not a nice choice to keep the center ring untouched. Write down on the center of the blank with:

“The family pumpkin patch is growing. Come celebrate the lil’ pumkin and his mother kate”

“A little pumpkin is on the way! It’d s girl! (name)”

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You still can handle its volume by using some picture editor when you are not happy with the 5x 7″ inches dimensions of  Pumpkin Baby Shower Invitation. The addition of multiple photos can also be a good answer for making the best out of its best.  It’s not a nice option to leave the middle circle empty.




Thus, some of the recommendations of words can still be used:  Open with this simple sentence and prepare yourself to greet the warm visitors! You can use the paper which has a smooth texture. The smooth texture can be friendly with the laser printers. Since sometimes the laser printers apply a layer of ink on top of the paper. The paper that meets that criteria is matter paper.

Combine the layout with large photos of you. And as your creativity, you can combine the colour and your creativity. Select the finest color for the font. Match the color with the gender of your child. The boy’s blue, while the girl’s red.

You can also download other invitations only on You need to download the invitations by clicking on the right and select save to download. Well, what are you waiting for? Try to get several sheets here by clicking on the right and select save to download. All the sheets are original so you would not feel bad with it.

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