FREE Pink and Gold Minnie Mouse Invitation Templates

by b3dj0

Hi everyone, if your kids have a birthday party, and you don’t know what motif you’re supposed to take, don’t be worry! I will offer a few templates on the birthday celebration for the Minnie mouse.  In your personal computer, you can decorate Minnie mouse.

It can be used as its name for your birthday activities. So rush up rapidly to unlock it and realize your birthday wish! Just click on the right of the invitations to receive the Minnie Mouse Birthday Invitations and choose to save. This will save your invitation to your laptop automatically. On this edition, the colors are gold and pink which would make the pictures glamorous and excellent.






You can adjust the initial volume (5x 7″ inches) to lower or larger after downloading the invitations. Because our archives are in excellent shape, the photos will not be broken. Well, before send the invitations into a machine, you can also write several phrases:

“Put on your ears, it’s time for cheers! Join us as in celebrating (name)’s first birthday!”

Use any type of paper as you like. However, we suggest you to use dense and shiny fabric like cloth or jasmine. The brilliant impact is so pleasing to your invitations. You can give it to your teacher, not only your colleagues. Take the invitations and enjoy the hype for the Minnie Mouse Birthday invitations.

All in all, Using Minnie Mouse Birthday Invitations is the best decision that you need to use. You just need to get it from here without the need of making any design. Our site, is available for all of you who want to get nice and unique pages without the need of making it. What are you waiting for? Grab ours and make it yours!


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