(FREE Printable) – PUBG Birthday Invitation Templates

by Andrew

Why do kids should have fun with PUBG Birthday Party?

Beforehand, let me explain why you need this template design as your final invitation card design. Did you know that every kids loves to play battle-royal game, especially PUBG. PUBG has proven to be one of the most successful game-series in current Industry, with massive 100.000+ of real-time player, PUBG could attracted thousands upon thousands fans around the world, both adults and kids. For that reason, much likely Minnie Mouse for girly birthday party, PUBG themed party could save your face toward your son and showing him how capable you are to handle your own party. Anyway, we also got some example for your next party invitation. Are you ready? Let’s do this.

A. PUBG-themed Invitation ?

As you might see, I’ve made this template design with lots of effort peeps! Hope you enjoyed my creation. FYI, these templates will be covered up with stunning background which resembles the Nerve-Wracking Scene of battlefield in PUBG, like Massive Explosion and Holding Weapons. Besides that, the template will be split into two side (Top & Bottom), as you’ve already seen it, the battlefield scene will be packed in the top. The last part (Bottom) is where you added the party details, such as Where the party will be nailed down and so on.


Free Printable PUBG Birthday Invitation Templates With Explosion Scene and Buggy


I almost forget to mention the photo frame, you can put your kid or baby’s photo on it to make it even more eye-catchy to your guests. By the way, now you’ve finished one of the crucial part, and the next step would be the arranging and decorating process. Do you want another tips? Well. Stay in your seat and read the whole article, because at the end, you will get our list for PUBG-inspired party decoration. ?


Free Printable PUBG Birthday Invitation Templates With Nerve-wracking Background and Stealth Suit


Free Printable PUBG Birthday Invitation Templates With Epic Battlefield Background and Portrait


Free Printable PUBG Birthday Invitation Templates With Space For Party Details and PUBG's Logo


Free Printable PUBG Birthday Invitation Templates With Miramar Map


Free Printable PUBG Birthday Invitation Templates With PUBG Helmet and Armor


B. PUBG-themed Decoration (What should to include)

  • (Mimicking the experience of entering a PUBG battlefield, you can hang airplane toys and some parachutes.)
  • Green curtain, brown table-cloth, some artworks or posters.
  • Birthday party Cake, Cupcake, Donut and Drinks (You already know what they are)
  • Air-drop Box (To place all gifts from your guests)
  • Birthday Party Games


Download Instruction

  1. Choose your favorite design and Right Click your selection
  2. Click “Save Image As” – Locate the download folder
  3. Tap “Enter” to start the process.
  4. Software to open: (Ms. Word or Paint)
  5. Printing material: Card-stock or Linen Paper.

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