(FREE Printable) – Cup Head Baby Shower Invitation Templates

by Andrew

Do you want to see something cute and unique to adorn your party invitation cards? Hmm. This one might help you finished your job, buddies. Am I right? Then this template is definitely for you mates, unlike others, this invitations was inspired from Cuphead game, which took a massive hit in 2017 through Steam platform. As a Computer-Animated series, this game character was praised for its art style and even my nephew asked me to create template using this idea.

Actually, to craft this charming character into a well-designed invitation isn’t easy to deal with. Despite that part, at that time – I’m still focused on another project and that’s why I have to delay this Cuphead-themed invitation card. However, last night, I finished this design and I’ve decided to share it with y’all buddies! All of them comes in Printable (JPG) Format, so once again – you don’t have to worry about customizing our templates.

Here’s a real high-class bout!! (Cuphead’s Quote)

As shown below, these lovely Cuphead templates has stunning Sun Rays pattern to fill up its background, with both Red-Yellow combination and also comes in brighter colors. To accommodate all the information about your upcoming party, I’ve already designed a perfect rectangular shape (Red/Yellow) with a pretty large space along with cute drawing of Cuphead character. To write down the details, you could open the file using a simple app like Ms. Word or even Paint app.


Free Printable Cuphead Baby Shower Invitation Templates With Mugman and Blank Space For Party Details


Free Printable Cuphead Baby Shower Invitation Templates With Dabbing Cuphead


Free Printable Cuphead Baby Shower Invitation Templates With Sun Rays Background and Cuphead Video game Steam


Additional Tips

In addition, I almost forgot to mention, this templates comes in six different styles for you to choose, or if you still get confused on which one is your favorite, you could download all of them, and it’s absolutely free for you buddies! ?. Once more! Don’t forget to write your party details on the designated place. If you don’t have any idea about the wording/party details, you can follow this paths:



Liam’s 8th

Birthday Party

Let’s come and have some fun with us!

Saturday, December 25th AT 3:00 PM

Liam’s Home

123 Hampshire, City

RSVP To My Mom

(123) – 45678


Free Printable Cuphead Baby Shower Invitation Templates With Cuphead and Mugman in Yellow Layer


Free Printable Cuphead Baby Shower Invitation Templates With Red Sun rays and Portrait Orientation


Free Printable Cuphead Baby Shower Invitation Templates With Run and Gun

By the way, you could add another details like the one that the original game had. You could prepare this following items:

  • Card-stock Papers & Inks (Printing Material)
  • Straws, Cups, Cakes, Paper plates and so on (Foods & Drinks)
  • Birthday Party Hat, Confetti, Red Curtain, Yellow Balloons, etc. (Decoration)


  1. Choose your template design.
  2. Move your mouse pointer and Right-Click the template.
  3. Select “save image as”.
  4. Locate where the file will be saved in your device and Enter.

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