(FREE Printable) – Luxury Marble With Gold Frame Invitation Templates

by Andrew

Hi guys, how’s your day going? Hope you is having a great day in these chilly winter. Browse our huge variety of stylish and modern baby shower invitations. Our one of a kind DIY templates enables you to really personalize your baby shower or even for your bridal/wedding invitation card and you can save your budget at the same time. We’ll give you all the pieces for free and you can choose which ones you are going to pick. All our designs can be customized to suit your own preference and match them with your party decoration.

We know that everyone loves wedding party, even the simplest one. The most important past is, it has to be recognized that your special day is the most memorable moment for both of you and your guests. Which is why we’re here and glad to help you to draft your own invitation and make sure your guests will be very happy to see the invitation card and surely they will come to shower your little prince and princess. In this sweet day, I will share something special for you.

Here they are, these charming Luxury Marble with Gold Frame design is ready to be picked by you for your special day. Our template features an awe-inspiring design ideas, it has beautiful marble foil texture background along with the dazzling geometric frame design in gold-finished.  Attractive gold colors as well as floral accents will fill and complete your entire invites become whole masterpiece of wedding invitation cards and without sacrifices any details, you can put your own text or wording inside the gorgeous frame design, add some rhyme is also a good idea to go. Don’t forget to include your details information such, where is the Location as well as the Date and Time.







How to Download

Below you will find step-by-step instructions to download and which paper material is suitable for this occasion, follow this steps:

  1. Choose and Pick your desired template
  2. Right click on top of the image and a new page will appear
  3. Click save image as and choose where the template will be saved
  4. Then tap your Enter key or click Save
  5. Printing Paper: Choose between Text, Card-stock or Glossy paper
  6. Standard Print-Sizes is 5×7 inches

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