(FREE Printable) – Gold Geometric Polyhedron Wedding Invitation Templates

by Andrew

Nowadays, we are living in the new era of digital technology, with the arrival of internet our lives become easier, we can connect to almost everyone in your city by an email or social media apps like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. We are here provides you with various kinds of template design ideas for your bridal shower party, from a simple bridal shower at café to luxury bridal shower. If you’re creatively enough, you could even make and arrange them by yourself. This is an easy way to save your budget. Our templates is compatible with the most printer device out there, so you can do-it-yourself at your lovely home.

In this beautiful day, we have something fresh for you to use it as an invitation card for your guests to come to your party expressing their excitement and support at your bridal shower event. These Gold Geometrical Polyhedron can be your invitation card, and it’s absolutely free for you. It comes with a pearly white background, a set of stunning polyhedron frame design that decorate the entire card and nice blends of gold accents, it’s perfect for party which is decorated with such elegant and classy concept.





Having a thought to add a personal touch is always a good idea, you can put your preferred text below “Please join us for a baby shower honoring the mom-to-be” word, use Microsoft Word or Paint as it is relatively easy to use and has plenty of features. Feel free to use our template design, you can download your favorite template with your eyes closed, just click your right mouse button and choose save image as and select your default download location.


For the additional information, you can take a note on our tips. First thing first you’ll need to choose how you send your invitations, you can send it via an email or maybe by simply tagging or sending your guests a message through your social media app. But if you have decided to send your invitations using paper as your card material, use card-stock or the standard text paper, so you can easily get your supplies from nearby shop and print them at your home.

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