Flower Themed Baby Shower Ideas

by Grace Vitara

Do you have plans to throw a baby shower for a family or friends? Maybe you can consider flowers themed baby shower. This theme is perfect and beautiful in the middle of summer or the middle of winter use. You can follow these steps to create the perfect floral themed baby shower.

Pretty Pink Flower Themed Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

Invitation. Begin to determine the color scheme and incorporate the color of your choice in the invitation. You can consider flowers that have neutral colors such as white and yellow if the mother does not want to reveal the sex of the baby. Orange flowers will be very nice for baby boys and girls. A pink or dark red is a beautiful color if a mother expecting a girl and blue flowers invitation to a baby boy. You can order invitations at a local print shop or online. Find the supplies at local craft stores if you want to make your own.

Flower Garden Themed Baby Shower Cake Decoration

Centerpieces. Wreaths are always beautiful and colorful, but there are other creative ways to make the bouquet more attractive in a unique way. You might consider putting orange and yellow flowers in a basket pinecones, pumpkins or fall leaves. Another option is to buy flowers candles and put them in a vase full of water and clear stones.

Pink Flower Themed Baby Shower Centerpieces


Do not forget to light a candle before the guests arrive to a beautiful light to the room. In addition to placing a wreath, you can also hang flowers on the ceiling along the walls. Spreading flower petals on the table will also add color out. If you are going to hold a baby shower outdoors, you also can welcome guests with a garden gate. It will be a wonderful photo opportunities.

Flower Themed Baby Shower Cupcake Decoration

Yellow Flower Themed Baby Shower for Neutral Gender

Favors. You can have a colorful lollipop with a baby shower date written on them. Other options include a flower-shaped soap, flower brain full of candy, nuts or chocolate and flower seed packets for each guest.

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