Easy Ideas For Baby Shower Finger Food

Welcoming a new child into the world with a baby shower, gift, laughter and lots of food. The food you serve can make all the guests remember. Finger foods will work very well for a baby shower and they are also very easy to set up. Serve finger foods as appetizers, desserts and salads. Here are some ideas for finger foods that you can follow.

Easy Baby Shower Finger Food Recipes
Vegetables and Fruits. Fruit will make an interesting finger foods for your party. Presenting fruit kabobs using short skewers of melon balls, pieces of mango and cantaloupe. Serve with yogurt was delicious, so yummy. You can also present the usual raw vegetables, you can find in the local market to get some different and interesting vegetables. Create a variety of sauces for dipping vegetables.

Mini Sandwich Baby Shower Finger Food

Appetizers. Everyone will want a finger sandwiches or other snacks at a party. Serve not bite size chunks of sweet and spicy Thai chicken and peanut sauce serve premises. Another interesting idea is to make the mini eggrolls, tuna sushi rolls and pot stickers served with hot ginger sauce. Make use tortilla wrap sandwiches with a choice of different flavors, such as sliced ​​into pinwheels and set them on a tray.

Mini Sandwich And Crackers Baby Shower Finger Food
Desserts. Each baby shower celebration always has a wonderful cake, so it will add an interesting finger foods for the cake. This includes chocolate covered praline trays or lady fingers filled cream. Serve a variety of fruits fresh raspberry and strawberry dipped in white and dark chocolate.

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