Cheap baby Shower Ideas for Boys

by Grace Vitara

Baby shower party is a fun way to bathe a new mother with the help, affection and gifts before having a new baby boy. Maybe this could be a simple party for family and friends or a more formal event. It is important to pay attention and focus on the new mom and dad, not how much money will be spent. To welcome the new baby, mostly family and friends will offer help to create a memorable event.

Diaper Cake For Cheap  Baby Shower
Food for baby shower does not have to be complicated and expensive. You can make a simple and inexpensive to get the plates so that all guests can make sandwiches or appetizers and snacks. Have a potluck dinner is a cheap way to have a great meal without having to worry about having enough to eat. You can ask the help of everyone, except the mother to-be, to carry various types of food. Baby shower cake does not have to be fancy, make yourself a simple cake to satisfy the sweet tooth.

Candle Favors For Baby Shower Ideas for Boys

Guests will really enjoy the silliness of the baby shower games. Give simple gifts such as lotions, soaps and other small items. If you do not have much money to spend on a baby shower gift, you can ask some friends who sells makeup, candles or jewelry to give a gift. Some items for baby shower games are cheap for example, string and scissors are all that will be required for the game due to a “Guess the mother tummy size”, a pen and paper to each guest as many items as you can for 2 minutes.

Cheap baby Shower Decoration Ideas for Boys
Decorate a baby shower party does not have to be extravagant. Interest will be very good and you can give them as gifts and decorate them. Baby bottles can be used as centerpieces and filled with candy. It can be given to new mothers at the end of the baby shower. A white holiday lights that you already have will be a great way to decorate the room. Toys, cloth diapers and baby pictures from magazines can be framed and placed around the room.


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