Bumble Bee : The Sweet Themed For Your Baby Shower Ideas

by Grace Vitara

Bumble-bee baby shower is a cute theme for the sex of a baby girl or a boy to a party. Decoration will be treated with honey or bee theme, or using the yellow and black, creative set the stage for the celebration of this great day. Make sure that you have an alternative to to offering honey, if to offering candy, there are some guests who have allergies or dietary restrictions.

Bumble Bee Baby Shower Invitation Templates

You can create your own invitation to have a personal touch. Cut card stock weight become like a honeypot and ornamental shapes in a way that you want. Do not forget to add some bee stickers. An invitation-shaped flowering or nests are also fitting if you adding some small bee.

Bumble Bee Baby Shower Cake DesignDecorative wall with black and yellow ribbon or tulle twisted black and yellow together. Has a black and yellow balloons and let them float around the ceiling or linked in a chair, especially in pregnant women seats. Hanging yellow banner with lines or black spots and black lettering to celebrate the reasons for the meeting. For example, “Did you hear about BUZZ Baby Bee” by mentioning the name of the baby if known. Set the table with a tablecloth black and yellow Paleri. You can use a glass plate or plates alternating black and yellow lines.

Bumble Bee Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

Centerpieces can be a balloon bee and yellow banners hung. Centerpieces that you use can include diaper cake with yellow and black bee on top. If the baby nursery will also use the theme of bees, you could also consider decorating the nursery. These include bee lamp as centerpieces, they can work double as a gift for a parent.

Bumble Bee Baby Shower Cupcake Decoration Ideas

Bumble Bee Baby Shower Food Ideas

Give your guests a little help when they left the party to thank them. Has a small black candle yellow or votive candle holders shaped honeypot bees. It will always remind your guests on your baby shower.

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Lisa Hilton March 13, 2016 - 5:06 pm

This is an adorable Bumblebee baby shower post. I am a fellow blogger too and just did a bumblebee shower page. Is it ok that I liink back to your page too under the “other cute Bumble Bee Showers” sections? Is it ok to copy one of your pictures and then put it up on my post then link it back to this page? I really love the cake and cupcakes are so adroble!! (Besides blogging my youngest daughter is pregnant too and Im having fun looking through idea for a baby shower theme. 🙂

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