You Should Know ! Easy Way To Having Baby Shower Fruit Tray

To host a baby shower can be interesting and fun. And of course, easy for you to prepare the menu. Finger food for baby shower is ideal because they can easily be eaten while guests watch and mingle see mothers to-be opened gifts. Has a mild fruit tray, fresh, beautiful and easy to eat. You can buy them at the store if the tight time or a few minutes to create their own.

Although there are some fruits, bananas would not stand up well to be a couple of hours on the screen. Some excellent fruit including pineapple, strawberry, watermelon and melon. Apples can go both ways, they tend to turn brown when exposed to air they are getting old.

Cut fruit such as melon, strawberries, pineapple and watermelon on the day you need a fruit tray. Better not prepare trays in a hurry, because we risk becoming flabby and soft fruit Apples need to cut right before serving out. If you are going to present a banana, cut them just before the tray out. Offers banana just a short time, if they run out you can cut some more.

If you have a large place to put a tray of fruit, you could consider dividing the fruit in small plates and group them together on the table. It would work well for a very crowded table where you might not have room for a large plate.
Set all the fruits in a large tray and set aside for parts strawberry, pineapple and other fruit. You can also mix all the fruit on the tray. Making tray looks

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