Nautical Baby Shower Ideas

Sand, sailboats, shells and many more ideas! If you are going to have a baby boy, nautical is a theme that is appropriate for you to consider when baby shower event. You can think of fun things that you can be on a theme like this.
Have a fun decoration for a baby shower party nautical. You can use some miniature above the top of the table and to hang on the wall and door. Some miniature items that you can use include sailboats, sea creatures, shells, anchor or lighthouse. Has a maritime picture on the wall.

There are many unique ideas for nautical invitation. Sending a message in a bottle to invite guests. Other ideas like a treasure map, anchor or sailboat paper also you can try. Look for some cute trinkets for make invitation sweeter.
Another thing you need to think about is the stock that you will need for the baby shower. Match plates, napkins, cups, cake decorating with colors like blue sea, white, red and other colors. A cute idea, you can use a mini sailboat filled with candy. It also can be used as favors that will save you money and time.

Some ideas for a nautical theme. The menu will you serve depends on two factors, namely the budget and the time the baby shower will be held. Some of the following ideas will serve a menu according to the theme. Tray filled with vegetables and some kind of sauce. If you have limited funds, this is a great option lakeside. It would also be suitable for vegetarians. Serve some fruit on a tray with fresh fruit sauce.

A baby shower party would be very boring if there is not a thing that can be done by guests. To keep the baby shower boring, previously planned some activities to keep things moving.

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