How To Make Fun And Functional Baby Shower Diaper Cake

Baby shower diaper cake will become very popular these days. When you go to the store shopping and buy one of them, you will be charged about $ 50 to $ 150, of course, is very expensive. If you choose to create your own this will save costs and the process will be fun.

Before you begin to create an elegant diaper cake you need to prepare all the necessary ingredients. You will need some materials such as cardboard Elementary round, rubber bands, pins, ribbons and of course diapers. In addition, you will also need some baby products such as toys, lotion, baby brush, baby spoons and other items. It will be used to decorate your baby diaper cake.

The first step, you have to make a diaper cake diaper is turning into a cylindrical shape and bind them using a rubber band. This will make your cake base. Then, use a tape to complete the base of your cake. Besides beautify the cake, this will also serve to cover the rubber band and make it look nice. You can use a blue or pink ribbon or in accordance with the theme of the party.

Next, use a pin or tape to make the diaper clutch firmly. You can decorate with some toys, baby spoons and other baby items to get a wonderful view. Use some of your creativity in this step.

Baby diaper cake is the main prize. When you would bring this cake to the baby shower party, everyone will look at you and be a surprise. Why? Because the diaper cake you have made visible to touch the hearts and elegant. Follow the above steps and it would be easy to make your own.

You can learn to make beautiful diaper cakes in many ways. One way is to read long boring book or by watching a video from the internet how to make a perfect diaper cake.

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