FREE Printable Beautiful Spring Roses Frame Invitation Templates

This amazing template was created with innovative design ideas and combined them with many adorable stuff to create the elegant theme that you’ll see it in our lovely templates. Give your perspective to your guests, so they have an idea about the event they would be attending. These Beautiful Spring Roses Frame will express that your celebration is one of the most unforgettable moment in your life and explains about your hardship and long journey to be able to step on to this special day.

Wooden accent on our invitation’s background outlines your relationship, how tree grows, from the seed to tree, the strength that needs to survive any obstacles. It is a very powerful metaphor to describe your relationships, for sure you will knocked it out of the park by creating these lovely template as your invitation card.  The guests will attend your special party and enjoy their time while they gave you lots of love and support as well as their precious gift. Besides the wooden accent, our template comes with bucket of spring roses along with the dazzling frame design.


There is available space for you to put your own wording on top of marble colored background. Feel free to get creative with your own personal touches and style, using the language that feels right for both of you and your partner. Our template is compatible with the most printer device out there, so you can single-handled it at your home. Can’t wait to have them? Just click on the template and new page will be shown, then right click & choose “save image as” to download it in to your computer.


Free Printable Beautiful Spring Roses Invitation Templates



Printing paper comes with various kinds of textures, types and colors. You can get some information from the internet, or you can use our suggestion to pick cardstock paper as your printing material. Pick the thinner one as it’s a lot easier to deal with and you don’t need to have a custom print job from printing shop only if you are going to use the thicker cardstock paper.

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