FREE Printable Romantic Blush Floral Invitation Templates

by Andrew

When planning your bridal shower or wedding party, make sure that you include all of the necessary information in your invitation card. You should states the date of the wedding, include the location where the ceremony and reception are taking place, who is hosting it if it’s being hosted by someone as well as RSVP & Dress code if any. It seems difficult right? You can cut down the entire process by using template design for your invitations. Feel free to browse various kinds of template designs on our site and if you’re on tight budget you don’t have to spend your money on our template.

Nowadays, everything has become easier than before, you can arrange your wedding or bridal shower party without having a bucket list of which ones is the best theme for your baby. Calm down, we have a good recommendation for you, how about this Romantic Blush Floral theme? You will get everything you need, here are things you get:

  • Pearly white background and it’s completely blank for you to put your own preferred texts or wordings.
  • Gorgeous Frame design as an outline of your invitation card
  • Flowers in romantic blush colors to captivate your guests’ heart




Free Printable Romantic Blush Floral Invitation Templates

For the additional information, you can take a note on our advice. To download our template, follow these step by step:

  1. Move your mouse pointer and click on your desired template
  2. Wait for a second, a new page will pop up, then right click – choose “save image as”
  3. Decide where the template is going to be saved and Tap your Enter key.


And for the final step you’ll need to choose how you send your invitations, in these day you can send out your invitation through an email or maybe by simply tagging or sending your guests a message through your social media app like Instagram and Twitter. But if you have decided to send your invitations using paper as your card material, you can print them using either cardstock or text paper, so you can easily get your supplies from nearby shop.


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