FREE Printable Gold Frame and Tropical Leaf Invitation Templates

by Andrew

Hi guys! How was the rest of your day? I hope you are having a good day. Meanwhile, when you have a baby your heart beats with unimaginable love. If you’re lucky enough to have twins, or your very own two of a kind, this baby shower is for you. If you’re having triplets, you could even make the party a “three of a kind” party. No matter what the occasion are, from setting up wedding party to baby shower your sweetheart, planning a party is important for you to celebrate your special moment with your loved ones. Also, when it comes for a party, you will need to consider which one is the perfect theme for you. These Gold Frame Tropical Leaf is one of the best kind of themes you can throw, whether it would be a small party consisting your friends and family or an extravagant shower party like the ones you might saw it while scrolling on your Instagram feeds.

To get it started, the first thing you will need to do is crafting your invitation but before you dive deeper it’s better to draft your invitation card first. You can go for these invitation templates. Instead of the common minimalist-inspired theme, this one is designed with a nice gold finishes on top of the fancy frame design which is hanged on top of your card. For minimalist and muted finishes, we puts some knick-knacks of tropical leaves to catch your guest’s eyes and give them an idea about your upcoming party.





Free Printable Gold Frame Tropical Leaf Invitation Templates



To have these lovely templates, you can have it by right-clicking on your selected template, then go for “save image as” and choose where your template will be saved in your device. Once you have downloaded the templates, you can jump on the next steps. Put your own wordings and add some details on it, you can take a note on these following tips,

  • To open your template, use default windows apps like Ms. Paint or you can use Microsoft Word instead of Paint, because these day the Ms. Word is completely enough for you to do a simple editing and adding some text.
  • For printing material, we suggest you to use cardstock paper, it weigh around 20-80lbs and comes with a variety of textures and colors, you can also go for the glossy paper, as it’s absorb inks really well, so your printed image will looks sharper.



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