Cake Ideas For Boy Baby Shower

Cake is a center of attention at a baby shower celebration, of course you will need some time to steal the show. Are you going to make your own or buy cake, you might want to pastel blue. Beyond that, nothing is too sweet for baby shower baby boy. Here are some baby shower cake ideas that you can make your preference for planning.

Booties baby. Baked cake shaped baby booties or you can buy at the bakery. Decorate the top with decorations like a little baby shoes. Choose blue and white icing for the cake baby boy. You can decorate a cake with white trim with white icing. If you make your own cakes, baked cakes or rectangular standard vanilla or chocolate cake. Use white icing to decorate the cake and trim the top and bottom sides of the cake with blue icing. Buy new blue baby shoes and put on cake or make some of fondant.

Baby bottles. Baked cakes and allude to the blue baby bottles that you can buy at craft stores or party stores. You can also create your own from fondant icing. Frost with icing blue baby, write the message on the cake and add two or three baby bottles.

Birth Certificate. Make your own cake and decorate it like a birth certificate of a baby boy. It’s very easy. Baked square or rectangular cake and use icing pens to write the words on the cake. You can also use letters ready to write a few words. Choose icing, red or blue to write the words stand out. Write a baby boy name and the name of the hospital where born. Even you can also write the name of your attending physician.

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