Butterfly Themed Baby Shower Diapers Cake

Butterfly diaper will very sweet and practical for baby shower gifts, gifts, table decorations, and much more. If you are looking for ideas about butterflies baby shower diaper cake, here are simple tips that you can follow. It is not too difficult, you just need a little preparation to create the perfect diaper cake. Check it out.
Before starting make a diaper cake butterflies, you need to prepare some materials such as diapers, tulle, chenille stems, curling ribbon and baby wipes.

First, you need to change the baby wipes into a butterfly shape. To make this, the first folding cloth chenille stem in half and grab you, as well fold it in half. Lying in the middle of the cloth with a collapsible section on the lap. Put also a piece of curling ribbon in the lap. May be long enough to tie around your diapers.

Make butterfly body. Now all you have to do is fold the cloth with ribbons and rods in it. Start folding from the end and roll it up, this will be the body of the butterfly. Next, take 3 or 4 short pieces of ribbon and tie them tightly in each lap. Take tulle and cut into rectangles of the same size as your diapers.

Lay diaper and design side down on a flat surface. Then, tulle lay on it and place it on top of the body of the butterfly. Now you can use your tape and tie the body to diapers. Trim excess ribbon. And now, you have butterflies diaper cake!

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