Baby Shower Punch Recipe For Big Party

Baby shower party is a time to celebrate the promise of new life and enjoy with friends and family members. It is also an opportunity for a lot of eating and drinking, and one of the interesting and unique piece for the baby shower party is a party drink. Punch that success came with the decor to the food and drinks. All the elements that will reflect the feelings of joy pregnant women.

Yes. Having a baby is exciting, but sometimes it is someone scary time. Baby shower is a traditional way for family members, friends or co-workers to celebrate the arrival of a baby. Planning a baby shower party can be fun, but it can also be difficult.

One of the best ways for the affairs of the party menu is to allow each guest to come bring their own favorite creation. If the task of making the punch falls to you, you can try the recipe below.


1 five quart tub of vanilla ice cream, softened at room temperature
1 two liter bottle of strawberry soda (Blue Soda)
1 package of frozen crushed strawberries, thawed (Blue Berries)

First, add the ice cream, then followed by strawberries and soda. Drinks party that you make should be somewhat thick, so you should pay attention to how much soda do you add. The exact amount of each ingredient is flexible, so you can add as much or as little Elemental you want to taste. A pink punch would be a great choice for baby girl. just enjoy your baby shower, and your punch! 😀


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