9+ Modern Floral Twigs Baby Shower Invitation Templates

by Andrew

There are numerous periods in our lives that allow us to develop and mature over time. “Why do we need to celebrate our or someone’s birthday?” you might wonder. It’s entirely up to you, but if you do, this lovely act of celebration isn’t just about sending good wishes and gifts to our loved ones; it’s also about celebrating how much
they’ve grown in the past year. And yes, it should be commemorated.

How do you throw a kid’s birthday party?



Setting up a party isn’t difficult, especially these days when you have the capacity to come up with inventive ideas to help you set it up. We can help you with anything from planning to designing your party, and you’ve come to the perfect place! We’ll show you how to build your own invitation card with these lovely 7+ Hand Drawn Floral & Geo templates that you can make in minutes. See the list below.




9+ Modern Floral Twigs Baby Shower Invitation Templates


9+ Modern Floral Twigs Baby Shower Invitation Templates





Let’s talk about “what do we offer here”. This template was inspired and requested by one of my friend. With some modifications in the original design, I learned that this beautiful Floral themed collection is suitable for this post. Why? The reason is considering us now in progress from Spring to Summer, why don’t we make our party full of flowers? Isn’t that right? Everyone will love it for sure.

This template features beautiful Eucalyptus flower, a beautiful Tropical gem with aesthetic colored petal. From pink to purple hue, and even better than that, you also got beautiful watercolor background with matching “Eucalyptus”.

How to Download

Right Click your selected templates – Wait for a moment. Then Right click once again – Choose “Save Image As”. Locate where the file will be saved in your device and tap “Enter”. Open the file with Ms. Word or Photoshop.


Please note this. Before you get into the editing, you must prepare what kind of fonts you would like to use. If you are like to use fonts that was shown in the sample text, you don’t have to browse font any more, since it’s already come by default in either Ms. Word or Adobe Photoshop.

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