8+ Delicate Purple Aster Floral Invitation Templates That You Will Love

by Andrew

Even though purple was the color of the year in 2012 (According to Pantone), particularly Lilac and Lavender, it hasn’t stopped people from using it for various occasions like wedding or birthday party decorations.  Brides and grooms continue to like and prefer lilac or lavender to “highlight” their parties, according to last year’s statistics. It has a lovely appearance and an even more lovely scent.

This color is practically appropriate for any occasion, from weddings to birthdays. Can you picture it? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could have exquisite Lavender and Roses as the décor of your party invitation card for free? To find it, look below!


8+ Delicate Purple Aster Floral Invitation Templates That You Will Love


8+ Delicate Purple Aster Floral Invitation Templates That You Will Love








Considering the demand of both Floral and Modern elements in invitation card design, this cards have both of them and could stands out without “sacrificing” one or another. You will get six template designs, in which, you’re going to see each templates were embellished by the beauty of periwinkle and other purple flowers.

Aside from those gorgeous background designs, each cards also packed or decorated with beautiful sets of Lavender flower. This “Flower” is definitely perfect to live up or beautify the entire design. By the way, if you can’t bear to wait to download this right now, you can do that by reading and following our guides on how to download and use our templates.

Follow this to download the template

  • There are two basic ways to download the file:
    • Left-click the preview image > Right-click > Save Image As
    • Or directly Right-click > Save Image As
  • After that, locate where you want the file to be placed or saved in your device.
  • Then Tap your “Enter” key or click “Save”
  • For easier to access, you can place it on your desktop if you are using Laptop or PC.
  • Anyway, if you done with where the file is going to be placed, tap “Enter” to start the download process.
  • Once the download is finished, you can edit your template with any of these, Ms. Word and Adobe Photoshop.

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