8+ Outer Space Birthday Invitation Templates

by Andrew

Whether you need a quick and easy project to try out over summer break or you just need something fun to do after school, these totally awesome space crafts for kids will give you some ideas to try out! I found a nice variety of object that I personally remade it into cute and yet awesome element for Outer space themed invitation card. Thus, no matter what style your little one is into, you’ll find something here that they (Your guest) will love!


8+ Outer Space Birthday Invitation Templates


I think most of you already noticed it. Yeah, you’re right! You will get stunning illustrations of what it is like in outer space, where the gravity won’t distract us and we keep flying through the space. The card has portrait orientation design, and there is a beautiful silhouette that kind of resemble the “planet” in unique way.









I still can’t imagine; how amazing you party is going to be? With cute baby astronaut flying around, the ringed planet Saturn and even there are comets in there. Doesn’t it sound perfect for you? It has both awesome concept and stunning design. You don’t have worry about “Is it printable”, sure! Besides all the good stuff, this one also has “a blank space” to put the party details, and comes in JPG Format – so you can do much personalization on it! If you want to match the entire decoration, you can browse and DIY these following items in to your party.

Feel free to use them and do a small customization to suit the card with your own style and personalities. If you’re wondering how to download these cute template, please follows these instructions:

  1. Choose your template design
  2. Move your mouse pointer and Left-Click the template
  3. Wait for a while, a new page will be appeared
  4. Right-click the template and choose “save image as” to save it
  5. Locate where the file will be saved in your device and Enter
  6. If the download process is finished, check your default download location and open them using Ms. Paint or Word.

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