7+ Cute Sweet Treats Baby Shower Invitation Templates

by Andrew

          The birthday is a time to celebrate and we all have different outlooks when it comes to celebrating birthdays. Some like to party outside, some prefer being at home and enjoy with family, some like to do get together with friends, and some want to party at home with close ones. Everyone has a different way to celebrate. Obviously, for such celebration, I think it could be great if you also make your own invitation cards, so, you are going to have the best and memorable stationery for your party.


7+ Cute Sweet Treats Baby Shower Invitation Templates and has landscape design


The birthday invitation is important part of any party that share a little hint of how your party is going to look like. Invitations should be looking attractive enough to impress your guests. We have an amazing collection of birthday invitation wordings for birthdays of different age groups. For today, we have this 7+ Sweet Treats Baby Shower invitation card.

This template has landscape orientation, so that you could insert detailed information of your upcoming party as detailed as possible. Since it has pretty large space for you to insert your text and it will be surrounded by adorable background designs and delicious sweet treats.

          For kids’ themed birthday card, we can’t turn our head toward the “cute” element that makes everyone can’t resists. Fortunately, I got stuck on this one and luckily, I got an idea while eating my cereal. And as you can see, I drew a cute stripes and arranged it to form a cute stripes background and place it to the card.


7+ Cute Sweet Treats Baby Shower Invitation Templates and has cute blue background with white leaves


7+ Cute Sweet Treats Baby Shower Invitation Templates and has delicious birthday cake





7+ Cute Sweet Treats Baby Shower Invitation Templates


Beginner’s Guide

  • Choose your favorite template design.
  • Move your mouse pointer and Right-Click the template.
  • Select “save image as”.
  • Locate where the file will be saved in your device and Enter.
  • Once the download process is finished, you can open the file through third-party apps, such as Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, or even using Microsoft Word or Paints.
  • For Printing Paper: Mostly, people will use card-stock paper, as it’s known to be used for such formal occasion, like Business, Wedding, and so on.
  • For alternative options: Cotton, Linen, Kraft, Velum, or Standard Text Paper. Choose one that you think suit your need as well as your current budget.


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