8+ Essential Lily Magnolia Floral Invitation Templates Great For Any Events

by Andrew

Does it matter to have great invitation card design?

          It’s obvious that you are pretty much need to elaborate your design into a certain level of greatness that can represent the actual event, for least. Do some research on which elements do people think it’s great for this year and on. See which hues couples have been loving this season. I’m pretty sure you’re going to have the best elements that transforms your plain white invites into astronomically beautiful piece of card with pop of colors.

          Whether you read through the list to get inspired or you want to see which styles belong to you, we break down the details to help you understand and highlight what makes this collection stands out.






8+ Essential Lily Magnolia Floral Invitation Templates Great For Any Events





Specific tones were the first one I needed to figure out here. After doing some researches, I finally put my choice on the gorgeous white and a bit shades of grey. This color schemes were the most selected colors for wedding in the last year, favored by the brides and bridesmaids.

I picked the fragrant beauty, Sweet pea, for today’s collection. The beautiful heirlooms are the classic annual blooms that looks just as lovely in pots as I personally made it in the old-fashioned way (Watercolor design).

How to Download

Right Click your selected templates – Wait for a moment. Then Right click once again – Choose “Save Image As”. Locate where the file will be saved in your device and tap “Enter”. Open the file with Ms. Word or Photoshop.


Please note this. Before you get into the editing, you must prepare what kind of fonts you would like to use. If you are like to use fonts that was shown in the sample text, you don’t have to browse font any more, since it’s already come by default in either Ms. Word or Adobe Photoshop.

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