7+Refreshing Peonies And Camellia Floral Birthday Invitation Templates

by Andrew

Planning a party, but aren’t sure what to write on the invite and which styles should I go for? Whether the party is to celebrate certain milestone, an office event or something more exclusive you came to the right place. Listed below are more than a six beautiful party invitation examples that you can use for all sorts of celebrations.



          First thing first, the template came in stylish rustic watercolor design. Yep! That was the thing that makes them different and satisfying to watch. As we can see through its “Floral”. This collection offered the classy rustic theme with truly beautiful Peony and Camellia in delightful watercolor finished. The blush, white and green, the level of its “beauty” is AMAZING. Even for the background itself, I won’t let it be painted just white. With the added touch of gold sparkles and geometric text-box, now you got the options of Go Big or get even Bigger!




7+Refreshing Peonies And Camellia Floral Birthday Invitation Templates





Click on each templates to enlarge the preview image, so you got a clear view and details that I bet you won’t skip these ones. Every leisurely brunch deserves a good cocktail, so is the party stationery. It’s best to keep it simple. Feel free to use one of these for light, refreshing and will pair well with any brunch styles.

Are you wondering how to get these adorable template? Relax, you only need an extra effort for this stunning template. These following steps will help you,

  • First of all, you need to left-click the preview image.
  • Then right-click it and select “Save image as”.
  • Locate the destination folder (Where the file is going to be saved in your device).
  • Once you done with that, you can tap “Enter” or click “Save” to finish it off.
  • The download process will be automatically started by now.
  • Note: Don’t bother to ask me if you got any problems or have questions.

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