7+ Romantic Hand Drawn Floral Birthday Invitation Templates






When people start to use invitation card?

I think it’s dated back in late 19th that people start to use invitation card to announce their special event to their guests. My wild guess tells that this probably a new trend for people at that time. Can you imagine if we are able to do it the same as people did back then? And the good is you are also having the chance to make it all by yourself. How? For you mommies and girls, I’ve made this following template collection to help you making invitation card in just matter of minutes.


7+ Romantic Hand Drawn Floral Birthday Invitation Templates with beautiful roses


This collection is glimmered with Floral element which each colors and astonishing detail represent neutrality, they are peaceful and soft. They are always used in spring, like Spring inspired/themed party, birthday or baby shower are no exceptions. Since they work well with neutral colors and create a sense of sophistication. The white color used to achieve pastel colors represents clarity, innocence, cleanliness, spirituality, purity, hope, expansiveness and openness.


7+ Romantic Hand Drawn Floral Birthday Invitation Templates


7+ Romantic Hand Drawn Floral Birthday Invitation Templates with gorgeous watercolor flowers


7+ Romantic Hand Drawn Floral Birthday Invitation Templates with flower wreath


7+ Romantic Hand Drawn Floral Birthday Invitation Templates


7+ Romantic Hand Drawn Floral Birthday Invitation Templates with pristine white watercolor background



I put various thing here, so, in each of these seven beautiful template, you can freely choose and go with it. What if I keep the rest for future reference? Sure, and maybe you can also refer it to your friend. Anyway, this template has beautiful flower element, as we know, to make it looks unique, I decided to create two different version. The first one was Hexagon shaped text box and the last would be the ellipse shaped text box, both of them will also be surrounded by gorgeous Watercolor Flowers and pristine watercolor background.  

So, your party information will be surrounded with those gorgeous flowers, and one of them also had Metallic gold frame. It sounds great for highlighting your information, right?

How to Download

  1. Choose your favorite design
  2. Right Click your selected templates – Wait for a second
  3. Select “Save Image As”
  4. Locate your default download folder and tap “Enter”
  5. To open and edit the template –open the file on Microsoft Word or Paint.
  6. The universal format of the paper size is 7×5 (Portrait) and I suggest you to pick card-stock paper as the printing material.
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