7+ Aladdin Birthday Invitation Templates

by Andrew

Your party guests have to be invited to your celebration via an invitation that closely resembled your party theme. You had to inform them if they’re someone special for you and it’d be honor for you if they could come and join the party. Our party crafts doubled as initial party favors and have a nice hint of what to expect from your party. Since it’s your kid’s best day once a year, you need to make it known why it makes them so special.


7+ Aladdin Birthday Invitation Templates with Cute Parrot


7+ Aladdin Birthday Invitation Templates with Jafar7+ Aladdin Birthday Invitation Templates with Abu


7+ Aladdin Birthday Invitation Templates with Yellow Stars at night background


7+ Aladdin Birthday Invitation Templates with Magic Carpet


7+ Aladdin Birthday Invitation Templates with Jasmine and Rajah


7+ Aladdin Birthday Invitation Templates

Creating your own an enchanted Disney Aladdin-themed invitation would never been easier like these! This invitation template is rich hues of teal, gold and purple, bejeweled by Princess Jasmine’s sparkling dress and shoes. There is an extravagant backdrop for your text with plain white color and surrounded by other cartoon characters such as Aladdin, Genie, Rajah, Abu and so on.

Download Information

  • Left-click your selection then waits till you see a new tab pop up on your display.
  • Right-click the image or template, select Save image as > Locate the folder.
  • Tap Enter to start the download process or you can just click the Save
  • Once it’s finished, you have to check the file by opening it with some sort of editing apps (See below).

How to open the file

  • There is no limitation in term of what kind of apps you are going to use, even the basic Microsoft Word (2007 or later) is more than enough to do the simple customization.
  • Alternative apps: Adobe Photoshop, Ms. Paint (Free) and Corel Draw.

Best Printing Paper?

For me, I’d like to use card-stock paper over the other one, it’s relatively expensive than the rest of candidate but definitely great for any occasion, both formal or informal. It normally cost at $20 for 100/pcs, and compared to Custom-Printed at $4 – $10/piece, it would be far cheaper, right? Absolutely.

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