11+ Cute Birthday Baby Animals Birthday Invitation Templates For Your Kid’s Birthday Party

by Andrew

          All the cute Baby animals here are slightly different to the previous post (8+ Woodland Birthday). If you’re curious about it, you can click that link and maybe you can pick it as future references. Anyway, this collection has kind of different path to the one I’ve shared recently. Why? Let’s have a look what do we offer here in the following designs,



           Actually, to craft this stunning template with all its beautiful stuff into a well-designed invitation is easier than you could have ever thought. This template has landscape orientation, so that I could make a pretty large space for you to insert your baby/kid’s photo. It does make everything looks prettier, thanks to its cute baby animals like Bird, Dear, Monkey and Cow.

          For kids’ themed birthday card, we can’t turn our head toward the “cute” element that makes everyone can’t resists. Fortunately, I got stuck on this one and luckily, I got an idea while eating my cereal. And as you can see, I drew a cute stripes and arranged it to form a cute stripes background and place it to the card.

Despite that part, you also got another elements that really helps me to fill the peculiar spaces in the card. For example, bunting flags, birthday cake, twinkling stars and many more. However, you can add your own personal touch to it, how? It’s made possible because our template is editable even with basic apps like Ms. Word and Paint.


11+ Cute Birthday Baby Animals Birthday Invitation Templates For Your Kid’s Birthday Party










Beginner’s Guide

  • Choose your favorite template design.
  • Move your mouse pointer and Right-Click the template.
  • Select “save image as”.
  • Locate where the file will be saved in your device and Enter.
  • Once the download process is finished, you can open the file through third-party apps, such as Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, or even using Microsoft Word or Paints.
  • For Printing Paper: Mostly, people will use card-stock paper, as it’s known to be used for such formal occasion, like Business, Wedding, and so on.
  • For alternative options: Cotton, Linen, Kraft, Velum, or Standard Text Paper. Choose one that you think suit your need as well as your current budget.




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