101 Guide to Hosting an Ice Age Baby Shower Party

by conaintata

Ice Age-themed parties bring a cool, prehistoric vibe to your celebration. Whether it’s for an upcoming baby shower or a gathering to welcome a little one into the world, hosting an Ice Age-inspired event will surely leave your guests impressed. Here’s a breakdown to help you rock your Ice Age Baby Shower Party with style.

Invitations to Set the Tone

The first step is to set the tone with your invites. Channel the Ice Age theme by creating invites that showcase mammoths, sabertooths, or prehistoric landscapes.

Simple templates with cute slogans like “Join us in chilling for the little one!” work well. Consider customizable digital options or printable invites for convenience.

Frosty Treats & Delectable Eats

No party is complete without delicious treats. Consider crafting a towering Ice Age-inspired cake featuring a snowy landscape or adorable creatures like baby mammoths.

Additionally, frozen-themed snacks such as ice-blue cupcakes, snowflake-shaped cookies, and “prehistoric” rice krispie treats will tantalize taste buds and keep the theme alive.

  1. Ice Age Ice Cream Bar: Set up a DIY ice cream bar with various toppings like blue sprinkles (to represent ice), crushed Oreos (for “frozen dirt”), gummy dinosaurs, and marshmallows.
  2. Popsicle “Fossils”: Create homemade popsicles in different layers using blueberry or raspberry puree for an icy look. Add gummy dinosaurs or other small toys inside before freezing to create fun “fossil” surprises.
  3. Glacier Gelatin Cups: Prepare blue gelatin in small cups, placing gummy fish or sea creatures inside before it sets to create a “frozen in ice” effect.
  4. Mammoth Munch Mix: Combine white chocolate popcorn, pretzels, and M&M’s in icy blue and white colors for a tasty and visually appealing snack mix.
  5. Prehistoric Punch: Craft a mocktail or punch using blue-colored fruit juices or sports drinks, garnished with frozen fruit like blueberries or raspberries to keep it chilly.
  6. Fossilized Cheese Platter: Create a cheese platter with aged cheeses, arranging them to resemble a fossilized bone or footprint.
  7. Pterodactyl Wings: Serve chicken wings in a spicy or tangy sauce, dubbed “pterodactyl wings,” for a fun and flavorful savory option.
  8. Dino Nuggets: Offer dinosaur-shaped chicken or tofu nuggets for a kid-friendly snack that fits perfectly with the theme.
  9. Veggie Crudités in Ice: Arrange a selection of colorful veggies on a bed of crushed ice in a bowl or tray for a refreshing and visually appealing appetizer.

Cool Decorations to Set the Scene

Create an ambiance that transports guests back in time. Utilize frozen-themed balloons, ice-blue streamers, and DIY snow globes to adorn the space.

Consider setting up a station resembling a frozen waterfall for drinks or a mammoth ice sculpture as a centerpiece. The aim is to immerse guests in a prehistoric wonderland.

  1. Ice Cave Entrance: Craft an entrance resembling an ice cave using white sheets or fabrics draped strategically with icicle-like decorations hanging down.
  2. Frozen Backdrop: Create a photo backdrop featuring a snowy landscape or an Ice Age scene. Utilize cutouts of mammoths, glaciers, or sabertooth tigers to set the scene for memorable pictures.
  3. Frozen Fire Pit: Use LED lights or orange fabric to simulate a cozy fire pit, complete with faux logs, strategically placed around the party area for warmth and ambiance.
  4. Glacial Table Runner: Use a white or silver table runner with sparkles or sequins to represent a glacial surface. Add blue or silver tableware and accents for a frosty touch.
  5. Prehistoric Centerpieces: Arrange floral displays or DIY centerpieces featuring faux mammoths, miniature icebergs, or toy dinosaurs surrounded by frozen-themed elements like faux snow or ice crystals.
  6. Frozen Drink Stations: Set up a beverage station with clear pitchers of blue-colored drinks or mocktails, accompanied by ice cubes or dry ice for a chilling effect.
  7. Ice Age Garland: Create garlands using white or light blue paper snowflakes, intertwined with string lights, to drape across walls or tables.
  8. Frozen Terrariums: Craft DIY terrariums with clear glass containers filled with faux snow, miniature trees, and tiny dinosaur figures for an enchanting table accent.
  9. Frozen Balloon Arch: Construct an archway using blue, white, and silver balloons to emulate an icy entrance.

Prehistoric Costumes for Fun

Encourage guests to dress in prehistoric attire. Think faux fur vests, animal print fabrics, or even cavepeople-inspired outfits. Provide DIY options for guests to create their own sabertooth headbands or mammoth masks. This adds an element of fun and engagement to the party.

Entertaining Activities

Incorporate Ice Age-inspired games. A “Frozen Tundra Scavenger Hunt” with clues or objects related to the Ice Age period will keep guests entertained.

Consider a “Frozen Fossil Dig” activity where guests hunt for “fossils” hidden in ice blocks. These interactive activities will ensure everyone has a roaring good time.

Ice Age-themed Party Favors

  1. Dinosaur Eggs: Provide guests with small plastic dinosaur eggs filled with candy or tiny trinkets. It’s a playful nod to the prehistoric era.
  2. Mini Mammoth Plushies: Cute and cuddly mammoth plush toys serve as adorable keepsakes for guests, reminding them of the Ice Age theme.
  3. DIY Fossil Kits: Create DIY fossil-making kits with molds, plaster, and small dinosaur figures. Guests can craft their own “fossils” to take home.
  4. Frozen-themed Cookies: Packaged or boxed frozen-themed cookies, shaped like snowflakes or Ice Age characters, make for delicious and thematic favors.
  5. Ice Age Coloring Books: Customized coloring books featuring Ice Age scenes or characters, along with a pack of crayons, offer a fun activity for guests post-party.
  6. Personalized Polaroid Photos: Set up a photo booth with Ice Age-themed props and costumes. Guests can take home their polaroid pictures as a memorable keepsake.


Bringing the Ice Age to life for a baby shower celebration is a unique and entertaining theme. From creative invitations and delicious treats to immersive decorations and fun activities, hosting an Ice Age Baby Shower Party guarantees a memorable experience for both the expectant parents and guests.

Hosting an Ice Age-themed baby shower opens up a realm of creativity, allowing you to explore the wonders of the prehistoric era while celebrating the arrival of a little one. Dive into this icy adventure, and your party will be an absolute hit!

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