101 Guide to Hosting a Dragon Quest Your Story Baby Shower Party

by conaintata

Hosting Dragon Quest Your Story baby shower is an exhilarating and creative way to celebrate the arrival of a little hero-to-be.

Inspired by the magical world of Dragon Quest, this guide will help you turn your baby shower into an unforgettable adventure for the mom-to-be and all the guests.

Dragon Quest Baby Shower Invitations

Sending out invitations is the first step to set the tone for your epic Dragon Quest-themed baby shower. Craft invitations featuring iconic Dragon Quest elements like dragons, knights, or the game’s logo.

Websites like Canva offer customizable templates for digital invites or opt for printables for a more tangible touch.

Dragon-Themed Treats and Food

Delight your guests with a spread fit for valiant adventurers:

  • Dragon Egg Cake Pops: Mold cake pops into egg shapes, dip in vibrant green icing, and add golden details for a magical touch.
  • Slime Jelly Cups: Create jelly cups with green jelly and candy eyes, resembling the adorable Slimes from the game.
  • Heroic Shield Sandwiches: Cut sandwiches into shield shapes using cookie cutters for a savory treat.
  • Potion Punch: Mix up a colorful, non-alcoholic punch in a large bowl, labeling it “Potion” for a playful nod to the game’s healing elixirs.
  • Dragon Tail Twists: Create twisted pastries resembling dragon tails by twisting strips of dough and baking them until golden brown. Serve with a sweet glaze or icing.
  • Monster Munch Mix: Mix together a variety of savory snacks like pretzels, popcorn, nuts, and cheese crackers in a bowl labeled “Monster Munch” for a crunchy treat.
  • Dragon Fruit Skewers: Skewer chunks of vibrant dragon fruit, pineapple, and kiwi onto sticks for a refreshing and colorful fruit display.
  • Mystical Meat Skewers: Prepare skewers loaded with marinated meats and colorful vegetables, grilled to perfection and served with a side of dipping sauce.
  • Slime Dip: Create a green-hued dip using guacamole or spinach dip and label it “Slime Dip.” Serve with an assortment of chips or veggie sticks for dipping.
  • Dragon Scales Chips: Offer chips in various colors and flavors, labeling them as “Dragon Scales” for a playful twist on traditional snacks.
  • Heroic Ham and Cheese Sliders: Bake mini ham and cheese sliders in the oven, using Hawaiian rolls for a sweet touch. Cut into bite-sized portions for easy snacking.

Decorations to Transport Guests to Dragon Quest

Immerse guests in the Dragon Quest universe with captivating decorations:

  • Dragon Banners and Flags: Hang banners adorned with dragon motifs or flags showcasing the game’s emblem.
  • Treasure Chest Centerpiece: Craft or purchase a decorative treasure chest to serve as a centerpiece filled with baby shower favors or treats.
  • Dragon Quest Character Standees: Set up standees featuring characters from the game to add a touch of adventure to the venue.
  • Dragon Quest Banners: Hang banners featuring the Dragon Quest logo or iconic game imagery around the party area to set the tone for the adventure.
  • Medieval Castle Backdrop: Create a backdrop resembling a medieval castle using large cardboard sheets or fabric. Add details like stone patterns and turrets for a grand effect.
  • Mystical Potion Station: Set up a table with assorted glass bottles labeled as different potions with colorful liquids (juices or drinks). Include tags with potion names and their effects from the game.
  • Dragon Egg Display: Arrange painted or decorated eggs resembling dragon eggs in nests or bowls as a captivating centerpiece or scattered decor.
  • Magical Lanterns: Hang lanterns or string lights around the venue to create a magical ambiance reminiscent of the Dragon Quest world.
  • Dragon Silhouette Cutouts: Cut out dragon silhouettes from cardboard or paper and place them strategically around the room, as if they’re flying or perched atop surfaces.
  • Treasure Chest Table Centerpiece: Place a decorative treasure chest filled with gold-wrapped chocolates or party favors in the center of the main table as a focal point.
  • Knight’s Armor Display: Set up toy knight’s armor or shields against a wall or in a corner to add an authentic medieval touch.
  • Game-inspired Tableware: Use tableware featuring Dragon Quest characters or symbols, including plates, cups, and napkins, to tie the theme into the dining experience.
  • Mystic Runes Floor Decals: Create rune symbols from the game using removable floor decals or stickers, arranging them in pathways or scattered across the floor.

Dragon-Themed Activities and Games

Entertain your guests with games that capture the spirit of Dragon Quest:

  • Dragon Egg Hunt: Hide plastic eggs painted like dragon eggs throughout the venue for a thrilling egg hunt.
  • Hero Training Obstacle Course: Create an obstacle course mimicking challenges from the game, such as crossing bridges or solving puzzles.
  • Baby Dragon Diaper Challenge: Teams compete to diaper a dragon plushie blindfolded, adding a fun twist to the traditional diaper-changing game.

Dragon Quest Attire for Guests

Encourage guests to dress in Dragon Quest-inspired attire to fully immerse themselves in the adventure. Suggestions include:

  • Knightly Armor: Emulate knights with homemade cardboard armor or toy swords and shields.
  • Magical Robes: Dress in mystical robes resembling wizards or sorcerers from the game.
  • Dragon-themed Accessories: Wear dragon-themed hats, masks, or capes to evoke the spirit of dragons.

Party Favors

Party favors are a fantastic way to thank guests for being part of the celebration and to send them home with a little piece of the event. Here are some creative Dragon Quest-themed party favor ideas that will leave your guests feeling like victorious adventurers:

  1. Dragon Quest Mini Figurines: Hand out small Dragon Quest character figurines as keepsakes. These can be easily found online or in specialty gaming stores.
  2. Potion Bottles: Fill small glass bottles with colorful candies or drinks and label them as “potions,” tying in with the game’s healing elixirs.
  3. Dragon Egg Soaps: Craft or purchase dragon egg-shaped soaps in vibrant colors, adding a fun touch to their bath routine.
  4. Customized Shields or Swords: Create foam or cardboard shields or swords personalized with each guest’s name as a playful nod to the hero theme.
  5. Dragon Quest-themed Cookies: Offer cookies decorated with symbols and characters from the game. Wrap them individually for guests to take home.
  6. Treasure Chest Favor Boxes: Fill miniature treasure chest boxes with chocolates, candies, or small trinkets for guests to discover.
  7. Dragon Quest Stickers or Temporary Tattoos: Provide stickers or temporary tattoos featuring characters and elements from the game for guests to enjoy.
  8. DIY Dragon Quest Craft Kits: Prepare DIY craft kits inspired by the game, such as creating dragon masks or knightly shields, allowing guests to continue the adventure at home.


Hosting a Dragon Quest: Your Story baby shower opens the door to a realm of creativity and fun. By incorporating themed decorations, delectable treats, and adventurous games, you’ll craft a memorable experience for the mom-to-be and guests alike. Embrace the magic of Dragon Quest to celebrate the upcoming arrival of the newest hero in town!

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