Wizard of Oz Baby Shower Invitation Ideas

by Dhee Antz

Looking for a stunning baby shower party theme? Wizard of Oz will enliven your party ever. Baby’s birth is such a great present from God. That is why, every parent want to hold a party to share joy and happiness. Besides, they also hope for the best wish to their relative. Of course, the baby has to grow well and be a nice person.

Wizard of Oz baby shower invitation ideas will not only ask you to have the invitation template, but also other party stuff like meals and decoration. You need to make people feel happy and comfortable. Well, it is the reason why you should decorate the room. In this article, we give you one example of invitation template and party ideas in Wizard of Oz theme. Its file in in JPEG format that will ease you to get. It allows you to customize by yourself. It is possible to write down the wording by using markers or the editing software. If you are able to operate those software such as CorelDraw and Photoshop, that would be great.

The way to download

Don’t worry, we bet everyone is able to run the internet. What you have to do is click on the image, do the right click. Choose Save Image As and place the file on your computer folder. Then this file is ready to be printed. You can resize the file if you want.

The best paper to print

So, what is the best paper to print the Wizard of Oz baby shower invitation ideas? We hardly recommend you to use a cardstock paper because it gives you an authentic printing result.

Wording Example for The Wizard of Oz baby shower invitation ideas

Actually you can find many wording examples on your google. It would be great if you can write by your own. But if you need the example, we have one for you.

Join us

to celebrate Jessica Smith’s Wizard of Oz Baby Shower

Follow the yellow brick road to

600 Rainbow Avenue, Munchkinville

on Saturday 7th November at tqo o’clock

Refreshment & Treats will be served

RSVP to: Kate on 0419-555-1234

Wizard of Oz Party Ideas

Below are some party ideas you may adapt or add to your event. If it is possible, having fun activities for kids would be great.

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