Walt Disney Theme Baby Shower Ideas

When you use the Walt Disney as an inspiration for a baby shower, you will only be limited by your imagination. Choose the direction for the baby shower you might seem overwhelming, you should still choose a specific character. Insert them into the invitations, decorations, favors and food. In addition, you can also ask guests to bring their favorite Disney picture book. You can also ask them to write a message to the baby as a keepsake.

Walt Disney Princess Theme Baby Shower Decoration
You can start by choosing a favorite Disney character pregnant women. Options including Winnie The Pooh, Mickey and Minnie or Anna and Elsa of “Frozen.” You can also use baby be some Disney characters such as Donald Duck baby, Winnie The Pooh, Bambi, Dumbo and Louie. Even you can make your own version of Disneyland characters with Cinderella Castle as centerpieces and incorporate some characters Disney Princess.

Walt Disney Mickey Mouse Theme Baby Shower Cake Ideas

Use cake baby shower as a central element. Make a diaper cake Disney as your inspiration and surrounded by cupcake. Decorate your cake in accordance with favorite characters such as pink, yellow and gray for baby dumbo or blue, sea foam green and purple to the Little Mermaid. Make it colorful background with helium balloons tied in the table. Including tablecloths, napkins and ribbon with a color that matches the theme. Suppose you choose red, yellow, black and white for Mickey and Minnie and white and blue for Cinderella. Use label foods and beverages in accordance with the theme of the baby shower there by adding some decorative signs that inspire.

Walt Disney Winnie The Pooh Theme Baby Shower Supplies

Walt Disney Cupcake Theme Baby ShowerAs a token of gratitude from the mother to-be, you can provide assistance with coordinating themed colors for each guest. You can bake a batch of sugar cookies in the shape of glossy black and white Mickey ears. Be creative in choosing a symbol that can represent the character of your theme.

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    These are pretty awesome baby shower ideas! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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