Tifanny Blue Baby Shower Invitations

by Sheenz

Tiffany Blue Baby Shower Invitations


Hi Guys, are you guys are planning baby shower party but wants to showing elegancy and fabulous instead of gold or silver color?

mustache tifanny blue baby shower invitations

Tiffany Blue can be the choice to plan your baby shower party. The product will not making you disappointed instead it making you blown away.

girl tifanny blue baby shower invitations

You can design your party in fabulous blue color themed. Put blue and white polka dots as the backdrop or you can use blue curtains or blue and white paper swirl paper streamers.

If you use blue curtains for the backdrop, you can take some decorations like paper fan backdrop or fluffy tissue paper decorations in white.

ribbon tifanny blue baby shower invitations

You can complete with some hanging decorations like soft blue balloons or arch balloons in the doorway also can be interesting.

Paper lantern can be the other choice instead balloons and that will be amazing while hanging up with the lights on.

cart tifanny blue baby shower invitations

There are so many choices to using handcraft in the party decorations. It is also can use banner pennants in blue or white color, you can pick it in triangle, circle or rectangle shaped.

You can buy some party supplies of the party themed in discount stores or you can reserve it. Put flowers in the table will be looks more fresh. The flower is not always in blue, you can use white rose to make the color balance.
heart tifanny blue baby shower invitations

The dishes can be amazing with blue macaroons, cake with blue frosting and added with some cake ornament or cupcakes. It is also can served drink in blue themed color.

But do not forget every party have main course, you does not have to served the food in the blue themed for the main course but appetizer and dessert can be.

Hope this article will help you plan your baby shower party. Good Luck!


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