The Best Wording For Boy Baby Shower Invitations

by Grace Vitara

When you are planning a baby shower invitation, you will need a list of related information such as date and time, where your party as well as RSVP information name, phone, and email. Invitation to a baby shower will also set the tone for your party. It will be the first time a look into the swallow celebration planned for a baby shower. Invitations should explain that a pregnant woman has a baby boy so that guests will bring the right gift to give to mothers to-be.

Rubber Duck Boy Baby Shower Invitations

Give a different touch to your baby shower invitations. You can add a poem to be able to announce to the guests about the sex of a baby boy new. The following are examples of words that you can use to write baby shower invitations. Just copying it :D

Love, joy and wonderful dreams
Of sweet things a new baby Brings,
A baby boy is on the way,
So, let’s celebrate before the big day.
Please, join us for a shower honoring proud mother to be (name of mother)

Boy Baby Shower Invitations Wording Ideas

Then proceed to write the party information on the invitation of baby shower. Include the name of the mother and the baby’s name if known. Include the name of the baby will allow guests to bring a personal gift for a baby boy. Continue with event information such as date, time, location and RSVP information. You can also specify additional information such as food and beverages will be offered at the party. If you mention the dishes that will be offered, guests will know the food will be served and not just dessert.

If the baby shower you have a specific theme, such as sleep, you could ask guests to bring a gift that will help when putting the baby in the bed.

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Please remove my duck baby shower invitation from you site. I designs that invite and don’t appreciate that you have posted on your site as yours.

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