Some Fun Activities At Baby Shower Party

by Grace Vitara

Baby shower party would not be fun without any activity or game baby shower. It is an integral part of the tradition of the baby shower celebration. Baby shower activity will defend the interests of the participants and guests until the end of the party. To some extent, the popularity of the baby shower is caused due to various activities or games which is an important function.

Some traditional baby shower activities and quite like women, while some others can be called gender neutral. However, the man is also a part of your party, you may also need to add the activity to suit their tastes or modify the traditional game. Here are some basic baby shower activities for all categories.

Fun Activities At Baby Shower

One of the traditional activities is to guess the size of the pregnant belly. For these types of games women, give the thread with a certain length and he had to cut that thought would be suitable for the mother’s abdomen to-be. The player closest to the actual measurements will win a prize. Another interesting game is writing pads and pens for female participants. Then, they will write the baby products as much as possible within a period of 3 to 5 minutes. You can give women jars containing various kinds of baby food. Allow guests to guess the type of food that are in the jar.

Baby Shower Bingo For Fun Activities At Baby Shower

One of the games that can be played by both men and women is “Finished Baby Rhyme.” The host will read a few sentences from baby rhyme except one word, which is to be guessed by the guests. Participants who guesses the most words correctly wins. You can take some spelling lists about 25 words for spelling scramble. The task of the participants is to guess the word. Participants were able to decipher words at most within a specified time limit wins.

There are still a lot of ideas for activities and games baby shower. In fact, you can create its own activities for your guests. Of course, fun activities and games that will make the baby shower be impressive.

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