So Easy To Make Winter Baby Shower Favors

by Grace Vitara

A great baby shower favors for winter instant hot chocolate mix. Rather than buy a package from the store, why not try making your own with the following recipe. Put them in a jar of baby food to give a special touch.
To make this, you will need:

baby feeding bottle or 4-oz bottles of jelly
the fabric is cut into 4-inch round or square
hot chocolate recipe
optional mini marshmallows
a card with directions to make cocoa

Snow Globe For Baby Shower FavorsFirst determine the size of jars of baby food that you will use. This will determine how much you need hot chocolate. A 4 oz jar should allow for about 1/2 cup of the mixture of cocoa without marshmallows. You can also use the masons to receive a larger portion.

Snowman Food Jars For Winter Baby Shower Favors

Next, remove the labels from jars of baby food, wash and cover well. You can clean the bottle by using the dishwasher and put them on the top shelf. If you are using a jelly jar, clean the bottle and the ring alone. Although you will not use them for traditional canning, but if you put the flat lid in the dishwasher machine will ruin them.

Personalized Cookie Favors For Winter Baby Shower

Snowman Candle For Winter Baby Shower Favors

Blue ANd Black Lipbalm Winter Baby Shower Favors

Prepare a hot chocolate mix and fill the jar to the top, you can also leave room for a mini marshmallows. Then place the lid on. Decorate baby food jars with a cloth, you can use this stuff back. However, and not have to do it for a jelly jar. If possible, cut the fabric with pinking shears to prevent fraying fabric. Create a 4-inch square of fabric. Secure the lid while the rubber band when you tie the ribbon on the lid. You can leave a rubber tire if the tape can cover it. Lastly, Put the label or tape with card on the tube.

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Lori Ann Cirella September 26, 2016 - 1:00 am

How much are the little snowman votive candles. They are so cute. I would need about 60

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