Princess Themed Baby Shower Ideas and Invitation – FREE Printables!

Princess baby shower is a perfect idea to welcome the world to the small daughter. The theme used could include elements from real life or the  of a famous Princess cartoon. Or possibly, princess of the mother’s personality. Using a baby shower for mothers to-be make and the guests feel like royalty.

Pink And White Princess Baby Shower Invitation Templates


Send invitations which revealed that the themed princess party. For example, using a roll for a baby shower party details printed on parchment paper or paper dyed with tea bags. Make an invitation to design the costume jewelry tiara and glitter on the front and party information on the back. Write the words such as “You are invited to a big party where we welcome the arrival of a beautiful little princess who will transform our kingdom forever.”

Ballerina Princess Baby Shower Decoration Ideas
Pink, light blue mixed with white, lavender, white, silver and gold are some colors that can work well for a royal princess theme. Use a strand of miniature white lights to see sparkly. Close the table with pink or white material and set each place with a color setting pin linen napkins, princess tiara or other items. For centerpieces can include princess theme. A crystal vase with a bouquet of pink flowers, dolls or princess tiara crystal. Using wax pink and white setting to another idea. Sprinkle glitter confetti or rose petals on the table with small candles for a sparkling effect.

Princess Baby Shower Cake DesignSmall pink cosmetics bag containing pink nail polish, lip gloss, keychains “princess” or tiara to make the perfect favors. A gift from studded imitation in pink picture frame can be used to hold a photograph of the guests. You can also treat eating like candy necklaces, candy pink icing, tiara, castle-shaped cookies, chocolate or vacuum.

Serving drinks suitable for petite princess theme. You can form a sandwich with a shape like a princess or associated with cookie cutters. Serve also raspberry or strawberry lemonade in plastic champagne glasses. Most importantly, always use pink for the food you can, such as egg salad, pasta or cereal. Using pink frosting on a cupcake, cake and cookies.


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