Pirate Baby Shower Invitations

by Sheenz

A�Pirate Baby Shower Invitations


Hi Everyone, Please come and join us to Harry and Jenny Anderson baby shower party.

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Harry and Jenny are the huge fan of Pirate. They like to watch movie, such as: Pirates of Carribean, Peter Pan, Hook and Captain Philip.
ship pirate baby shower invitatons

When they were kid they are dreaming to be pirate and even until present they are still obsessed with this character.

It is so fun to have adventurous in the ocean and ruled the entire ocean. Captain Jack Sparrow is one of the favorite pirate characters. This character is so original and very entertaining to watch.

bear pirate baby shower invitations

The baby shower party theme is pirate. The dress code is pirate costume.A�You can make your own costume with large white T-shirt and the cut off the end of sleeve and the bottom of the shirt in ripped.

After that paint blue stripped using fabric paint and then create the pirate top with the shirt to make the collar and push embellishment in it. You also can use dark color pants and also vest and keep it unbutton.

nautical pirate baby shower invitations

Add pirate hat in a paper and then paint it with skull and crossbones in white color. You also can added with bandanna to wear in the neck, pirate belt and boots will make it more complete. The guest will get eye patch to wear in the party.

skull pirate baby shower invitations

The party will have fun games with duel in plastic sword. This is the most fun things for little kid or adult do.

It is also has some fun times like contest to imitate Captain Jack Sparrow styles. It will give some word and people can try act. The person who closer likes Jack Sparrow will be the winner.

map pirate baby shower invitations

The party is in: Wednesday, 26 October 2016, in 15:00-17:00, at 3236 Ritter Avenue, New Haven MI 48048.


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