Musical Theme Baby Shower Ideas

A music-themed baby shower will allow to celebrate your passion for music. While at the same time you will be preparing to welcome a new family. Following a few simple ideas will help you to transform you into a memorable baby shower your guests, and of course affordable.

Vintage Musical Theme Baby Shower Invitation Templates
Send an invitation with a musical note, yeah you send invitations than usual themed baby. In addition to providing information to know about the date and time of the party, RSVP, you can ask them to bring the CD to the party as a gift for the baby. Ask them to create a CD that has sentimental value of themselves. It can also show their favorite artists, so you can start your child’s music library from the people you love.
Rock n Roll Musical Theme Baby Shower Invitation
For decorating ideas. Try to cover the walls with less poster artist or band recording your favorite. Cut a few notes of music from black construction paper and attach to the wall. Play music as the background and make sure that you have chosen several genres of music that will be enjoyed by guests. Ornamental cake with icing pipe song lyrics, band name or musical notes.
Musical Theme Baby Shower Cake Ideas
If you are a fan of musicals, you might prefer a single favorite music around which to base your baby shower. The Wizard of Oz is one example of music that will be able to provide a myriad decorating instructions. Attach a large tent by saying “I do not think we’re in Kansas anymore.” Cupcake bake and decorate like the yellow brick road. With swirling gold or orange cupcake winding in the center. Actual movie music plays in the background of a party, yeah baby shower is going to be a hit this year.

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