Minnie Mouse Baby Shower Ideas

by Grace Vitara

Celebrate a baby shower with Disney Minnie Mouse for expectant mothers. The theme of the baby shower will be very suitable for the alloy pink or red, so that would be very appropriate to welcome the birth of a little girl. Send invitations to guests with decorated signature polka-dot and big bow Minnie Mouse. Write down all the details of the baby shower and start working with decorating the room and food.

Minnie Mouse Baby Shower Invitation Design
Begin to decorate the bathroom by using a large group of red or pink balloon. Balloon shape that mimics such as Minnie head circle, and freckles. Then bind them to the table or in the back seat. To form a large head Minnie, is easy enough. Use black circle-shaped head and ears of mice, together with a red ribbon or pink in the middle. It would be very suitable to decorate the bath. Attach the tape head around to the silver napkin rings to serve and write with chalk, it will be used to label food.

Minnie Mouse Baby Shower Decoration Ideas
The food would you serve at a party is an important thing that you should consider. Using the name Minnie to serve food for the party. Some menu options that you can serve food including, mini sandwiches, mini cup or potato salad and small fruit skewers on a toothpick instead of using long skewers. You can also present a mini cupcake with Minnie Mouse silhouette. A baked cookies and formed into a complete head with a bow Minnie also be very enjoyable.

Minnie Mouse Baby Shower Cake Ideas
Minnie Mouse party theme for a baby shower can be your own design according to your creativity. You can find some items to a party at a local store or find them online. You need to watch for Minnie theme is to bring Minnie into every aspect of the party to get a successful baby shower.

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