Invitations for 50th Birthday Party

by Dhee Antz

Turning fifty become the best moment for everyone. This age shows someone’s achievement in his life. Some of them are called as grandpa or grandma by their grandchildren. Some else have been holiday in Europe or Asia. That is why fifty is such as a blessing in this life. Celebrate your 50th birthday party with us. We have many party ideas that will make the event more stunning.

Here is the free printable invitations for 50th birthday party template. Not as many people do, we provide a colorful invitation template to cheer you up. We may think that being fifty is the worst thing. Thus, colorful party stuff will enhance your motivation. This file is in JPEG format that will ease you to get. It has the word “Party” on the top. It is really simple invitation card because you don’t have to write any special wording. You can use marker or editing software to write the detail.

How to get this file

This the free printable invitations for 50th birthday party template is very easy to download. Even your grandchild is able to do it. Do the right-click on the image and choose the Save Image As menu. Place the file on your folder and then print it out.

What kind of paper you should use

This file has high resolution in HD quality. Then don’t waste your time and money to print this in HVS or carton; it would give any impression. Use a cardstock paper because it gives you an authentic printing result and sharp image. When you add any photos, this kind of paper will work well. Wanna resize the file? Then you can do it easily.

Wording example for the the free printable invitations for 50th birthday party

This invitation template comes in a simple way. Here is the example:


For: Elisabeth

Date and Time: April 23rd, at 6:00 pm

Place: 765 South Minnesota, Auckland

RSVP: by April 5th to Denny at: 680-823-8374

50th birthday party ideas

What is the best thing beside birthday cake? We have two birthday cake ideas you can have and adapt it.

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