FREE Surprise Glitter Gold Invitation Template

by b3dj0

Do you want to arrange a surprise party? You need an invitation template to support your party idea. We offer you this kind of template. It’s simple, cute, and the important one is it’s FREE! Amazing!!

It’s designed in 7 x 5 inches with a luxurious look. The backrgound is stripped in two colours and flowers in two corners (upper left and bottom right). In the middle, there is a blank space with wording “Ohhh… IT’S A SURPRISE!” From the wording, your guests will know that it’s a surprise party. This space is bordered by a gold line.

Now, how do you get the template? It’s very easy. Select the image you need and copy it. Then open your worksheet in Photoshop and paste it. Maybe you need to customize the size because it’s only 7 x 5 inches. You need to write your invitation in the blank space by mentioning the day, date, time, and also the address. If the design is all set, print it!

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Easy Printing

Because the template is colourful, you need to check your ink supply. Less ink supply will give imperfect printing outcome. Then check the paper. I suggest you to use glossy paper for the best result.

We hope that our ideas for birthday invitation will help you to give a special invitation to your friends. Please tell your families, friends, and colleagues to visit this web and make any creative ideas in making invitation cards.

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