FREE Printable Woodland Baby Shower Invitation Templates

by Andrew

Setting up a plan for baby shower can be a difficult task to deal with, because you need lots of preparation to make sure this special event can be memorable for the both of you and your friends. Planning a shower party doesn’t necessarily have to be as fancy as you might saw it on your Instagram Timeline, it always can be as simple as having dinner with your family and friend, as the most crucial part is to celebrate your baby presence with joy and some fun while your guests shower him/her with their sweet gifts.

You can go for some DIY’s stuff and bakes your own cake fresh from the oven at your lovely kitchen. There is nothing wrong with it if you’re on a tight budget, and surely you will be proud of it and you can’t buy & match them on the store.

Pick your favorite things that you love most and that will help you to draft an invitation for your baby shower party. You can pick our Woodland themed design as your reference. It has a minimalist design ideas, comes in beautiful color scheme which portrays nature as its main theme along with adorable poses of rabbit, fox and squirrel to beam a smile from your guests. You can put your wording inside this cute frame design and it also have grid of line-outs to make it lots easier to deal with.




Can’t wait to have this beautiful template? You can download it for free, just click your right mouse button and choose “save image as”, then tap “Enter” on your keyboard. Make sure to browse another baby shower ideas on our site.





If you are done with the customization, you can bake your template with your own oven. Choose carefully which paper that suit your needs best, either Cardstock or Glossy paper. If you want a sharper image with a glossy finishes go for the glossy paper, on other hand, if you want something that has a variety of colors, textures, and thicknesses you can use cardstock paper and you can easily find it at your local shop. Then you can go back to your kitchen and bake your invitation card and make sure your oven (Printer :D) is connected to your laptop or PC. Do some shortcuts of (Ctrl + P) and your invitation card will be baked for a couple of seconds.

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