(FREE Printable) – Unicorn Party Baby Shower Invitation Templates

by Andrew

Hi what’s up Peeps! How was your last birthday party? Did everyone enjoy the show? Hope you’ve nailed it down! However, Another day – Another story right?  In this beautiful day, I’m gonna share you some story. So, last week – one of my fellow came to my house and asked me for a well-designed invitation card for her upcoming party. She wanted to celebrate her new born baby and express how grateful she was when her little tiny sock finally here. She asked me to pick a unique and extraordinary design for her baby shower party, in which results a gorgeous invitation cards though.

She wants a Colorful card with “Unicorn” Baby on her invitation, a legendary creature that has been described since antiquity as a divine survivor and beast with a single large, pointed, spiraling horn projecting from its forehead. Based on her ideas, I’ve gathered and designed every cute stuffs into an invitation card, and luckily for me – I can show my abilities to craft a stunning design (:D).


Free Unicorn Party Templates With Colorful Background


Free Unicorn Party Templates in Portrait with Gold Text and Photo Frame

So, the first thing I did is making the sketch with “Colorful” as its core, I decided to go for a landscape invitation card and draw a unique Zigzag pattern and fill them up with pastel colors. After that, to complete the design itself, I draw two shape-objects and put some glittery gold-finished Unicorn as well as frame on it to make it stands out and they can deliver my fellow’s party details. Anyway, the due date was last Saturday, so my fellow mates pay a visit to my cribs and you know! – Can you imagine what her reaction after seeing my invitation card design is? Wow – She’s very happy with the design and can’t take her eyes on the design though!

Free Unicorn Party Templates With Colorful Zigzag Pattern


Free Unicorn Party Templates With Colorful Flags and Gold


Free Unicorn Party Templates With Gold Unicorn


Free Unicorn Party Templates With Photo Frame and Balloons

I’m very happy with result, and those are the reason why I want to present it to you folks! Get them all for free and bring your dream party comes true! These template design, I proudly named it as “Unicorn Party” and you can take a look at these following instructions, if you want to keep it as yours. Here they are:

  1. Select your template
  2. Left-click your selected template, and wait for a second
  3. A new page will be popped up – then Right-Click the image/template
  4. Choose “save image as” and tap “Enter” on your keyboard.
  5. And now the downloading process will begin shortly

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