FREE Printable Twinkle Baby Shower Invitation Templates

by Andrew

It’s kinda funny how you wrote greeting and wording to your guests to pay a visit to your baby showers or birthday party; but don’t mind it, your small bit of an extra effort is worth a try until you hear the person who received your invitation card tell you how happy they are to hear your baby is coming and can’t wait to spend their time with you and your lovely baby boy or girl.

Twinkle-twinkle little star, Do you know how loved you are?

Are you a mother who wants to celebrate your gratitude for your newborn baby and unable to wait to share your happiness with your families and friends? Let’s do this, how if we begin this plans by choosing which templates you will go for it.



Free Twinkle Baby Shower Invitation Templates



Oh can’t be, are you looking for something glitter and sparkling that catch your guests eyes? How about this one, these twinkle stars template will get your job done by using our unique design. It has nice color-grade for its background and topped with sparkling stars and you can still do customize it to match your preference. Here are a few glimpses that you are able to customize:

  • Choose which cut-outs are the best
  • Put your baby photo or his / her name using a simple app like “Paint”
  • Put wordings to sweeten up your baby shower invitation card
    (e.g. “Twinkle Twinkle, it’s a sprinkle!” & “Come sprinkle our baby with your love and support.”)
  • Customize the sizes and paper materials to match your own
  • Universal standard sizes is either 5×7 or 7×5 inch, but you are still able to fit and match with your own preferred sizes paper




There are plenty of them, and it’s completely free. Make sure to search another Invitation card Templates by clicking our “Invitation” Tab on the upper section.




If you are interested and wants to keep this one as yours, just simply click your left-mouse button on your desire template, and wait for a second and your download will be started right away.

You can use cardstock as your printed paper, carefully select your favorite one as it has different texture and material, you can go for Linen, Kraft, Aster, and Cotton. Then, you are able to step on to the final steps, you can either print it at your nearby printing shop or you can do-it-yourself at you home.


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